Outline: Structure for Scaffolding Towards a Publication


  1. construct outline with headings
  2. expand outline into slideshow by adding lists of points
  3. add visuals to slide show
  4. present slides with ad-libbed narration and record audio
  5. transcribe audio onto copy of outline, aligning headings to slides
  6. revise transcript
  7. revise slides; make simultaneous updates to transcript
  8. present slides again while reading transcript and recording audio
  9. edit the audio to remove filler words and pauses
  10. combine audio with slides into video for online distribution
  11. expand transcript to become article
  12. revise article
  13. revise slides
  14. record a “final” video (optional)


Create article, presentation, and working folders.

make scaffold


Once the outline is made, analysis has been completed, and visuals are created, then a rough time estimate for the rest of the project can be calculated. Each slide implies 32 minutes of work, so the number of hours to estimate is num slides / 2.


  • outlining: how well is the subject matter known?
  • analysis: how much work does this entail?
  • visualizing: how complex are the goals for the visual?

Known quantities

  • stock images: 1 slide takes 5 minutes to locate a suitable image
  • presentation: 1 slide takes 1 minute to present
  • transcription: 1 slide (1 minute of presentation audio) takes 6 minutes to transcribe
  • transcript revision: 1 slide takes 10 minutes to revise
  • article draft: 1 section takes 10 more minutes to revise, add citations, etc